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Unleash Your Inner Climate Activist (Live Review of:

Last week, Corinna Bellizzi invited a few activists, friends, and prior guests on Care More Be Better to participate in a livestream event that was simulcast on LinkedIn and YouTube. In this session they each discuss what the term Regeneration means to them and how they aim to make a difference. They then dive into the new Nexus section of Paul Hawken's website, They discuss the site, its utility, and raise a few questions as they investigate the tools available to us all. 

LinkedIn Livestream: 

About Our Guests: 
Anca Novacovici, The Eco Coach 
Anca Novacovici is a client-focused leader with 15+ years of sustainability experience supporting organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and GHG emissions. Track record of enabling clients to successfully plan, implement and communicate environmental sustainability practices, resulting in customer growth, enhanced brand recognition, and reduced costs. Proven expert, consultant, coach, and mentor. Articulate communicator skilled in delivering insightful and actionable advice and strengthening relationships with clients, stakeholders and leadership.

Tia Walden (Morell), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Author & Podcaster
Tia Walden is a holistic nutritionist and an integrative nutrition health coach devoted to empowering others in their discovery of what food choices work for their individual makeup. She teaches her clients to take responsibility for bridging the gap between where they currently are and where they want to be. She is passionate about sharing tangible steps that improve both health and the overall quality of life. She is also a fellow podcaster who co-hosts Obsessed With Humans On The Verge of Change.

Julie Lokun, JD, Career Coach, Publisher, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster
Julie Lokun is an inspirational leader and team-builder who offers services as a career and relationship coach. She has received national recognition as a keynote speaker, publishes best-selling books, and she's even a lawyer.  She is also a fellow podcaster who co-hosts Obsessed With Humans On The Verge of Change.

Nicole Davis, Excellent Human, Van-Life Minimalist
Nicole is a natural products industry veteran who has collaborated with our host, Corinna Bellizzi, off and on over the past few years. She is a serial minimalist and positivity maven who condensed her life into an RV in part to lessen her footprint but also to live more simply. 

Time Stamps: 

00:00 Introduction

02:29 What Does Regeneration Means To You?

10:09 Trash to Treasure, Kelsey Rumburg 

11:00 What is Nexus? Climate Activism Tool Description

11:56 Diving Into 

12:30 Wasting Nothing

13:05 Bad Actors Discussion

16:00 Key Players

18:15 Questions of Due Dilligence / How Are Suggestions For Companies and Not-For-Profits To Support Vetted? What Was The Timeframe Assessed? Criteria Used?

19:45 Learn More About Each Category Of Activism

22:25 Regeneration = A Continuation of Drawdown

23:15 Recommendations from Anca Novacovici

25:00 Action Items

28:15 "The Real Real" Suggestion from Julie Lokun for used clothes shopping: 

33:45 Build Your Regeneration Climate Action List

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