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The Year of The Nurse: A 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Memoir with Cassandra Alexander, RN, Author, Badass

Join Corinna as she interviews a dear friend and prolific author, Cassandra (Cassie) Alexander about her recent (and VERY current) book, “The Year of The Nurse: A 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Memoir” which catalogs her experience as an ICU nurse treating Covid patients. Subjects covered in this podcast episode and her book include a deep dive into what it was like to be an ICU nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, depression, PTSD, mental health, writing as therapy, writing for escape, and the importance of de-platforming misinformation and lies. Your life could depend on it. The book’s story is told chronologically and brings us through early days in the pandemic in mid-March 2020 to early June 2021. The perspective you will gain from listening to this episode and reading her book cannot be understated. The Year of The Nurse is for everyone, nurse or otherwise, who is furious about how 2020 went down -- and how 2021 is going.

About Our Guest: Cassandra Alexander, RN, Author, Badass
Cassandra Alexander is a registered nurse of fourteen years, with experience in burn, critical care transport, and ICU. She lives in the Bay Area, and writes paranormal fiction as Cassie Alexander (
The Year Of The Nurse, Book Link:

Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
03:33 Motivation to write “The Year of The Nurse” and create the blog “Two Nurses Talking”
07:38 Grotesque Honesty – What it was like to be a nurse in the ICU treating Covid-19
10:40 Friendship, Tackling PTSD and Depression
14:00 Stylistic choices in writing “The Year Of The Nurse”
17:30 Where are we now in the Pandemic?
20:40 Essential Workers? Or Sacrificial Lambs?
30:43 Depression in the pandemic
33:33 What is Cassie writing next?
35:45 Tools for those suffering from PTSD and closing thoughts

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