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Indulge In Responsible Coffee with Mokhtar Alkhanshali, CEO of Port of Mokha (Coffee of Yemen)

Show Notes:

Come on a journey to discover the roots of coffee in the war-torn region of Yemen with Mokhtar Alkhanshali, CEO and Founder of Port of Mokha. You’ll learn how and why Mokhtar was compelled to create a socially responsible coffee company that paid growers three times the rate of open market coffees, so farmers in this oldest region of coffee growing in the world could thrive while producing internationally acknowledged, award-winning coffees of the highest quality. The resounding message you’ll hear is one of conscious consumerism, voting with your dollars, paying value for the food you put on your table, and understanding its roots. 

About Our Guest: Mokhtar Akhanshali, CEO and Founder of Port of Mokha

Historian, community organizer, and coffee innovator, Mokhtar Alkhanshali envisions a world where industry empowers rather than exploits, uplifts rather than represses.

Seeking to reverse Yemen’s nearly lost art of coffee cultivation, he founded Port of Mokha. Combining his knowledge of specialty coffee production, progressive infrastructure strategy and community organizing, Mokhtar has helped to reverse the declining quality of Yemeni coffee and re-establish it as the one of industries most treasured origins. Best-selling author Dave Eggers’ forthcoming title “The Monk of Mokha” traces Mokhtar’s journey as a social entrepreneur and his harrowing escape from war torn Yemen with his first coffee samples.

Mokhtar can be found amongst his coffee farmers in remote villages or speaking around the world on topics of social entrepreneurship, community development and, of course, coffee.

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00:00  Introduction

03:40 From Activist/Lawyer to Coffee Company Founder

08:10 Bringing Coffee to The West From War-torn Yemen

17:05 Creating A Coffee Company with Social Impact At Its Core 

22:00 Blind Taste Test: Coffee Tasting Notes & Similarities to Wines

30:05 Why Coffee from Yemen Is Unique -- #1 -- It’s The World’s Oldest Coffee

37:24 Creating Socially Responsible Coffee for A Broader Audience

42:30 Choosing Your Coffee: Buy Local -- or -- Know Where Your Food Comes From

44:10 Closing Thoughts from Mokhtar Alkhanshali