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Conquer Fear, Embrace Your Values And Evolve with Satori Mateu, International Speaker/Author/Coach

Show Notes:

In this episode Corinna connects with the international motivational speaker and best-selling author, Satori Mateu as they navigate a deep and inspirational conversation about conquering your fear and embracing your purpose. You’ll get a preview into Satori’s new book, Unshakeable Wealth – and even receive a link for the first 2 chapters at no cost.

About Our Guest: Satori Mateu, International Speaker, Author, Coach & Podcaster

Satori himself went from wanting to commit suicide and  thinking his own life was just over to living life, fully embracing the adventure.

He has become a world champion in karate, a successful business owner, a two time number one bestselling author. An international speaker, a coach, a proud father and an amazing husband. Satori has helped elevate the performance and revenue for Olympic gold medalists, famous entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins and companies like Mercedes-Benz bank of America and many more.

He is also a podcaster and has a show called Halfass To Badass:  

Satori’s New Book, Unshakeable Wealth is a top-rated on Amazon: 

Additional Works Mentioned:

The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner (check out the short-form summary here:

Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
02:30 Satori’s journey from suicidal and depressed to badass
12:50 Breaking negative loops (internal & external)
16:50 The fallacy of motivation
18:20 “The System of Deliberate Growth” Phase Zero (0) = Core Values
20:30 Phase 1: Clarity
24:00 Inspiring challenges
25:51 Why most people don’t achieve their goals
27:23: Phase 2: Eliminate what isn’t you
30:42: Phase 3 - 4: Structure and Momentum
34:30 Layers of benefits
43:28 Struggle vs. Challenge and Support
53:00 Phase 5: Evolution
55:20 The importance of community
59:20 Resource invitation:

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