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Communicate For Impact With Ashlee Sang, Brand Messaging Strategist and Copywriter

Show Notes: Our guest, Ashlee Sang, has a passion for social impact and has chosen to focus her craft on working with sustainable brands who care about the greater good.
In this week’s episode we invite you on a journey to think about your values and how you communicate your personal or professional values, vision, and mission for greater impact. This show gets you thinking about what you care about and how you can align that care with your purpose.
About Our Guest: Ashlee Sang
Ashlee Sang is based in Central Illinois, with a background in anthropology and a penchant for travel. She uses the power of words to help purpose-driven founders discover and share their message so they can have as much impact as possible.Before doing brand messaging strategy and consulting, she worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations, including a human rights education NGO in Senegal and a local branch of Habitat for Humanity.
Ashlee is passionate about small, personal changes anyone can make to improve the environment and other people’s lives. She’s a fan of one-liners, happy surprises, and taking walks in the sunshine. Learn more at
Brand Strategy Template:
Time Stamps:
00:00 Introduction
02:00 From Anthropology to Brand Messaging
0700 The Power Of Small
12:15 Reciprocal Relationship of Audience and Brand or Podcast or…
16:30 The Importance of Values
21:25 Turning the Tables: What is most surprising about podcasting?
23:10 Inspired by True Crime Podcast: My Favorite Murder
28:30 Entrepreneurship
32:15 Amplifying Your Message

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