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Be Creative With Purpose featuring Scott Perry, Chief Difference Maker, Creative On Purpose

Today you get to meet Scott Perry, a “SUPER creative” and Chief Difference-Maker at Creative On Purpose. Corinna discusses navigating uncertainty, finding your purpose, and living with your passion as the discuss finding your true life path and making a bigger difference in so doing.

About Our Guest: Scott Perry is a head coach in Seth Godin's Freelancer's and Creative's Workshops and he’s the Chief Difference-Maker at Creative on Purpose where he helps those who work in social impact embrace uncertainty and navigate adversity with greater equanimity. He’s someone whose obvious love of music, language and creativity come together in one thought-provoking package.

Guest Website:

Resources Mentioned:
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Creative on Purpose Podcast:

Time Stamps:

00:00 Introduction

01:45 Navigating uncertainty, creating equanimity

04:30 Stepping into potential & finding purpose

07:40 The hero’s journey

09:30 The difference only you can make

11:45 The MOST important question in finding your purpose

13:39 Bringing purpose when it’s “just a job”

16:42 Giving up certain social media to FOCUS

22:00 Powerful communication is…

23:45 The burnout challenge

29:00 How to avoid burnout: Doing the wrong thing, or doing the thing wrong

31:03 Marcus Aurelius, and the power of the stoicism philosophy

39:20 The Real Work by Wendell Berry

42:46 Conquering unworthiness

44:42 Stepping into possibility and potential so you can be better each day

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