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Be A Green Change Leader With The Eco-Coach: Anca Novacovici

In our businesses-- we always strive for sustainability. From sustainable teams to earning enough revenue to pay for our employees, expenses, and investments. So why shouldn’t we also prioritize being an environmentally sustainable business?

For this episode, I’ve invited Anca Novacovici, the owner of the consulting company, The Eco Coach-- where she has been supporting organizations with environmental sustainability strategies for over 15 years. With her experience from working with startups to Fortune 500 companies, Anca believes that there’s definitely room for businesses to rebuild their operations with the future of the environment in mind.

So if you too want to start the transition and make the change for your business-- this episode is the perfect guide for you!

Episode Highlights and Timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
01:54 Anca’s background
04:36 Sustainability at the operations level
08:32 How challenges have motivated change
12:48 Seeing change as opportunities
18:06 Focusing on Solutions: Sustainability Accelerator Example
24:35 Making A Difference At Home
35:44 Anca's Invitation: Be A Green Change Leader!

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Anca:
Website | The Eco Coach:

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