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Scott Fulbright

CEO & Co-Founder, Living Ink

Scott has spent his career developing novel products and processes at startups in the biotechnology sector. He spent the last 12 years in the algal byproducts industry including Solix Algredients. He also worked at CSU Ventures promoting the transfer of research and innovation at Colorado State University to the marketplace. During his graduate work he was a National Science Foundation GRFP, IGERT and IREE scholar developing methods to reduce the cost of algae production. At Living Ink, Scott focuses on strategic planning, fundraising and collaborating with brands (including Patagonia and Adidas) to incorporate packaging, screen and publication Algae Inks within their supply chains.

May 05, 2021

Petrochemical-FREE! This Ink Is Made From ALGAE! with Scott Fulbright, CEO & Co-Founder of Living Ink

Have you ever had a creative burst that started when you noticed a problem that you just felt compelled to solve? Today, we get to hear one such story as we meet Scott Fulbright, co-founder and CEO of Living Ink - an ink company that harnesses the...