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Riva Bacquet

COO, S.A. Expeditions

Riva envisions a world where all businesses act as a positive force, balancing profit with purpose. SA Expeditions is a purpose-led travel company dedicated to a specific kind of tailor-made travel. One that engages you more profoundly with the people and places you're visiting and makes for genuinely life-changing experiences whether you're traveling solo or sharing the journey with loved ones. In line with their values, during the pandemic, they received their B-corp certification and status.

August 20, 2021

10 Tips For Sustainable Travel + Introduction To Mindful Eating

In this minisode, hear about a new downloadable travel tool and blog available on courtesy of Riva Bacquet, COO of S.A. Expeditions (our guest in this week's feature episode).  Read Blog On Website: Download In Printable...


August 18, 2021

Sustainable Travel & Eco-Tourism with Riva Bacquet, Co-owner of S.A. Expeditions (A Certified B-Corp)!

Corinna connects with fellow MBA from Santa Clara University, Riva Bacquet. Riva is a lifelong traveler who joined S.A. Expeditions to help create a more conscious and sustainable travel and tourism company. We dig into their journey to becoming a...

Sustainability B-Corp Certified B-Corp