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Rhiannon Menn

Founder of Lasagna Love, Blogger and Creator @begoodtomama

Rhiannon Menn is a mama, chef, and adventurer. She loves decaf coffee, traveling, and
super fuzzy sweaters - which she unfortunately can no longer wear since she l eft New
England. After the birth of her second child she had an epiphany: when she took good
care of herself, she was much better at taking care of those around her. She founded
Good to Mama as a way of changing the narrative about what it means to be a mom. In
2020, prompted by the COVID-related struggles of families in her community and her
own feeling of helplessness, she founded Lasagna Love. A platform that connects
neighbors for home-cooked meal delivery, Lasagna Love has transformed into a
national movement of kindness, impacting thousands of volunteers and recipient
families each week.

She is a graduate of Berkshire Community College, Brown University, and MIT Sloan, and
is a StartingBloc fellow and Siebel Scholar. She has been featured on the Today Show,
the Kelly Clarkson Show, in the Washington Post, and on She lives
in Kihei, HI with her husband, two (soon to be three) children, and is relentlessly
petitioning for a cat.

March 31, 2021

Love + Lasagna = A Caring Community with Rhiannon Menn, Founder of Lasagna Love

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