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Rebekah Bastian

CEO & Co-founder, OwnTrail

As the CEO & Co-founder of OwnTrail, Rebekah invites women to share their experiences, hopes, fears, and dreams as we connect with, support, mentor and lift one another up. We discuss diversity, inclusion, and how through community and collaboration we can change personal and professional dynamics for the better, shatter glass ceilings and achieve more.

Rebekah Bastian previously served as vice president of product, and vice president of community and culture at Zillow. She wrote the leadership book, Blaze Your Own Trail, is a contributor to Forbes and is a frequent speaker on social impact, career navigation and corporate diversity. Please follow the links below to learn more, and to create your OwnTrail.

February 24, 2021

Blaze Your Own Trail with Rebekah Bastian

If you want to hear more about women helping women, this episode is for you! We explore the intricate lives that women lead -- with circuitous paths or “trails” that aren’t necessarily the most linear. In this discussion, Rebekah Bastian, whose...

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