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Genevieve Smith

Independent consultant, organizational behavior and change

Genevieve is a social change and organizational behavior expert working with INGOs, Corporate leaders, and communities to connect dots, people, and ideas for equitable systems and worlds. She began as a data analyst in a small corner of a disabilities services organization, and quickly realized that we couldn't demonstrate impact because our data practices didn't have a mission at their center. Since then, Genevieve has been working with organizations to design their business practices around their mission and/or values—not the other way around.

February 03, 2021

Nothing is Neutral: Navigating difficult conversations with Genevieve Smith, Social and Organizational Change Expert

In this interview, you meet Genevieve Smith, an expert in social and organizational change, values alignment and data for social good who is also affectionately known by colleagues and work friends as a “professional bummer”. You’ll learn how...