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DeAndre Wilson

Founder & Proprietor, The Bedford Collab and The Keep Rolling Campaign

DeAndre Wilson is a Serial Entrepreneur, Culinary Curator, Small Business Owner, and Brand Builder. He strives to share new and exciting content from his brand and businesses that is relatable, engaging, and encouraging for young and future entrepreneurs. DeAndre lives by example to be a change agent by developing more inclusive, and accessible channels for entrepreneurs to get necessary resources, mentoring and support for long term success in his community. Along with Chef Jeff, DeAndre is the co-founder and co-owner of Turn Table, LLC, a culinary experience company in Evansville, Indiana, that is regionally recognized for remixing and remastering recipes to create visually enticing cuisine with distinctive flavor. DeAndre also created a fundraising platform, the Keep Rolling Campaign, to commemorate his father’s life and to help nonprofits and families battling cancer who are indeed of extra financial assistance. Currently DeAndre is working on a documentary to tell his father's story and the story of his own health transformation from rolling the 230-pound tracker tire around the City of Evansville. Since launching the Keep Rolling Campaign, DeAndre has transformed mentally and physically, losing over 50 pounds, setting an example as a pillar of health and as a personal fitness trainer at ChamFit. With Merrick Korach, DeAndre's most recent endeavor and community collaboration is the Bedford Collab Project in the Tepe Park Neighborhood that will work to gather members of the community through culture, cuisine, and conversation.

February 17, 2021

Keep Rolling for Access With Deandre Wilson, Keep Rolling Campaign + the Bedford Collab

In this episode we invite you to “Keep Rolling” with DeAndre Wilson, a serial entrepreneur and activist from Southern Indiana who became notorious for rolling a 230 pound tractor tire around town to increase awareness around the struggles of those...

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