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Ashlee Sang

Brand Messaging Strategist

Ashlee Sang is based in Central Illinois, with a background in anthropology and a penchant for travel. She uses the power of words to help purpose-driven founders discover and share their message so they can have as much impact as possible.Before doing brand messaging strategy and consulting, she worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations, including a human rights education NGO in Senegal and a local branch of Habitat for Humanity.

Ashlee is passionate about small, personal changes anyone can make to improve the environment and other people’s lives. She’s a fan of one-liners, happy surprises, and taking walks in the sunshine.

August 11, 2021

Communicate For Impact with Ashlee Sang, Brand Messaging Strategist

Our guest, Ashlee Sang, has a passion for social impact and has chosen to focus her craft on working with sustainable brands who care about the greater good. In this week’s episode we invite you on a journey to think about your values and how you...