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Amit Jamuar

CEO & Founder, ConexUp

Amit Jamuar has a background in finance, cryptocurrency and venture capital. He founded ConexUp when he saw how few great ideas received the funding they needed to be successful in his work. ConexUp offers an alternative to the traditional VC world, providing a platform aimed at helping entrepreneurs navigate the sometimes murky waters of venture funding. Powered by machine learning, their service provides startups with the necessary tools and feedback needed to ensure successful fundraising while their team operates as a champion for the founder.

May 19, 2021

Great Ideas Deserve Funding With Amit Jamuar, Founder & CEO of ConexUp

In this half-hour episode, Corinna Bellizzi connects with fellow Bronco and MBA Candidate from Santa Clara University, Amit Jamuar to talk about the difficulties faced by great business leaders as they seek funding to grow their businesses. So very...

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