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May 19, 2021

Great Ideas Deserve Funding With Amit Jamuar, Founder & CEO of ConexUp

In this half-hour episode, Corinna Bellizzi connects with fellow Bronco and MBA Candidate from Santa Clara University, Amit Jamuar to talk about the difficulties faced by great business leaders as they seek funding to grow their businesses. So very...

Social Impact Sustainability In Business Social Entrepreneurship

May 12, 2021

Forging a Path To Sustainable Minimalism with Stephanie Seferian, author of Sustainable Minimalism

If you’re ready to declutter your world and get more life out of life, then this podcast episode is for you. Stephanie Seferian is an expert in sustainability, zerowaste and minimalism. Through this interview, her book, and her podcast she offers...

Sustainability Author Interviews

May 05, 2021

Petrochemical-FREE! This Ink Is Made From ALGAE! with Scott Fulbright, CEO & Co-Founder of Living Ink

Have you ever had a creative burst that started when you noticed a problem that you just felt compelled to solve? Today, we get to hear one such story as we meet Scott Fulbright, co-founder and CEO of Living Ink - an ink company that harnesses the...


April 28, 2021

Fast Fashion and How to Style Sustainably with Caroline Priebe of The Center for the Advancement of Garment Making

Today we get to talk about fashion -- fast fashion and a more responsible alternative -- a slower and perhaps more deliberate, eco-friendly fashion. To dive into this topic we are joined by Caroline Priebe of the Center for the Advancement of Garment...


April 24, 2021

Back to Basics Podcast with Girish Bali, a Guest Appearance by Corinna Bellizzi

By special permission of Girish Bali, show host of the Back to Basics podcast, we publish their show as a BONUS for our listeners. In this interview Girish connects with Corinna Bellizzi, creator and host of Care More. Be Better: A Social Impact +...

Care More Be Better Podcast Feature

April 21, 2021

Advancing African Excellence Through Education Investments with Dr. Lydiah Kemunto Bosire of 8B Education Investments

Show Notes: In this episode we explore the challenges faced by talented Africans who lack the access they need to a world-class education, including long wait lists to get into leading academic programs.Those that do gain access may not be able to...

Social Impact

April 18, 2021

The Truth About Our Neanderthal Kin and Tribalism with Corinna Bellizzi

An Armchair Historians Podcast Hosted by Anne Marie Cannon

Care More Be Better Podcast Feature

April 14, 2021

Building Community + Social Impact Through Soccer (Football) with Chris Roberts, co-founder of The North Wales Dragons

Show Notes: If you are a soccer / football fan, then this episode is for you! You’ll meet Chris Roberts, founder and executive director of the North Wales Dragons, a not-for-profit soccer (ahem - football) team out of the UK that has raised funds...

Mental Health Social Impact

April 10, 2021

Live Well by Doing Good with Corinna Bellizzi, featured on CausePods by Mathew Passy

Do you see the good in the world, or do you see the negative? With all the world’s recent events, it can be easy to see what is wrong with the world.  What if there is good?  How would you find it? These are the questions that Corinna felt...

Care More Be Better Podcast Feature

April 07, 2021

Creating Impact Through Giving Businesses with Masami Sato, Founder of B1G1

Show Notes:In this episode, Corinna Bellizzi connects with Masami Sato, founder of B1G1 (Buy One, Give One) a not-for-profit organization that matches companies of all sizes with NGO’s they’ve vetted, developing programs that give 100% of the...

Pay It Forward Author Interviews

March 31, 2021

Love + Lasagna = A Caring Community with Rhiannon Menn, Founder of Lasagna Love

In this episode, Corinna Bellizzi guides a conversation about food scarcity, hunger and community stress. These are challenges many people face every single day -- and problems that have only been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rhiannon Menn,...

Pay It Forward

March 24, 2021

Find Your Voice And BE YOU with LipRevolt! with Courtney Stewart, CEO and Founder of LipRevolt

Disclaimer: In this episode we are going to cover some sensitive topics from race relations to social justice and everything in-between. Please use your discretion when listening, especially if you have young children present or if you’re listening...

Pay It Forward Social Impact

March 17, 2021

From Shady Payday Loans to “Floats” -- Escape Negative Debt Cycles with Josh Sanchez, CEO & Co-Founder of

In this episode, we delve into the shady world of payday lending and novel disruptors in financial technology (fintech) that seek to change this $11 billion dollar industry for the better. We share sobering statistics while discussing the needs of the...

Social Impact

March 10, 2021

Becoming A B-Corp & Living Sustainably, with Eliza Erskine, Green Buoy Consulting

In this episode, our first focused on the topic of sustainability, we discuss the path to becoming and supporting sustainable businesses. You’ll learn how B-Corporations focus on building more than profits, with a triple bottom line approach that...

Sustainability B-Corp

March 03, 2021

Saving Sight with Robert Bellizzi, The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

In this episode, since most podcasts “podfade” by episode 7 (and since this is #7 if you count our trailer episode) we honor the podcasts that helped us get started, from the friendly podcasters who offered advice to those who offered air time. A...

Social Impact

February 24, 2021

Blaze Your Own Trail with Rebekah Bastian

If you want to hear more about women helping women, this episode is for you! We explore the intricate lives that women lead -- with circuitous paths or “trails” that aren’t necessarily the most linear. In this discussion, Rebekah Bastian, whose...

Social Impact Author Interviews

February 17, 2021

Keep Rolling for Access With Deandre Wilson, Keep Rolling Campaign + the Bedford Collab

In this episode we invite you to “Keep Rolling” with DeAndre Wilson, a serial entrepreneur and activist from Southern Indiana who became notorious for rolling a 230 pound tractor tire around town to increase awareness around the struggles of those...

Social Impact

February 10, 2021

Pay It Forward! With Violet Anna Lieby, Founder of the Giving Cake

In this episode we dig into the concept of paying it forward. You’ll hear the story of Henry Darby, a high school principal in South Carolina, who took a part-time graveyard shift at Walmart, so he could pay his salary forward to students in need....

Pay It Forward

February 03, 2021

Nothing is Neutral: Navigating difficult conversations with Genevieve Smith, Social and Organizational Change Expert

In this interview, you meet Genevieve Smith, an expert in social and organizational change, values alignment and data for social good who is also affectionately known by colleagues and work friends as a “professional bummer”. You’ll learn how...


February 03, 2021

The Power of One, With Kayra Martinez, Founder of Love Without Borders for Refugees in Need

In this interview, we meet Kayra Martinez, founder of Love Without Borders For Refugees In Need. You’ll hear how ONE woman harnessed her desire to help refugees in need to form a not-for-profit that has since helped thousands of refugees living in...

Social Impact Refugees

January 13, 2021

Welcome to Care More Be Better

We share stories of inspired people and conscious companies that are committed to social good. The activists and thought leaders we feature will get you thinking about what you can do differently to be the change you want to see in the world. This...